On Friday, December 1, The Rotary club of Deptford, District 7640 had its fifth annual Christmas party. we were honored to have our district governor,  Tom Fletcher and Deptford mayor, Paul  Madeny also in attendance our Deptford Councilman Ken Barnshaw . We also welcomed our friends in education leaders past and present and we like to thank them for attending. We also presented Mayor Paul Madeny with a $500.00 check to support the Mayor and councils Toy and food drive for our Deptford Community. We also presented the Deptford High school Jazz ensemble with a check. In keeping with our Rotary International Govenor, Ian H. S. Riseley platform to plant trees for the environment, (as they process Co2 to Oyxgen) We gave out real pine tree saplings to be planted before ground freeze and have those who have planted report back on their progress. We want to thank everybody for coming and hope you enjoyed yourselves.Happy Holiday everyone!