To Whom It May Concern:
I am personally not afraid of what this COVID-19 virus will do to us locally at the moment.
However, after speaking with my friends at the state and federal levels of healthcare, they (and our club officers) have recommended that we cancel our regularly scheduled meetings. While I personally do not agree, I represent all of you, not just myself. Our District 7505 conference has already been canceled, as well as many other Rotary club fundraisers across our district for the coming months. Also, Rowan University has restricted all of my coursework to online only and I was given an extra week for spring break. All of this is something that I hope is an overreaction, but we can never take it for granted.
As most of our club is in the prime age category for the virus to spread, I don't want our organization to develop into something that will cause more harm than good to the membership.
As of this moment, we will be tentatively scheduling our board meeting on March 27th. As of now, the next two weeks meetings are canceled so more information may be developed about this virus and we can make a more informed decision as a club as to what to do at that meetings. I will inform you of our board meeting status as we get closer to that date.
If you would like more information about the virus, please check out this dashboard from our Department of Health here:
Stay healthy and vigilant!
David Kryszczak