Posted on Sep 28, 2018
Looking for a fun night out with your friends or just a fun date night??  Our Split the Pot Fundraiser will take place on September 28, 2018 from 7-11pm.   For details check out our events calendar!  We will also have a basket auction and 50/50 during the evening
How it works:
  • Deptford Rotary Club will sell up to 200 numbered lottery balls.
  • At the event balls are placed in a raffle bin….
  • If you ball/number is pulled from the bin, you are OUT!
  • Every 20th ball wins $100…OR you can re-enter you ball/number to continue in the drawing for the GRAND PRIZE.
  • If your number is pulled do not be discouraged…there will be chances to re-enter the drawing.  Three additional chances will be auctioned during breaks.
  • Once we are down to the final five (5) balls remaining, the five will be asked if they want to “split the pot” or continue to win it ALL!
  • All five (5) MUST AGREE to split or the drawing continues.
  • As the drawing continues those remaining will be given the option to split or the drawing continues.
  • If only one person remaining refuses to split, balls/numbers are drawn down to the last…for one final winner!!!